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We publish a range of high traffic, high authority Australian and international news, travel, health and other category web sites. The full list can be seen at
All of our online portals feature a number of categories where we feature reports and original news articles prepared by our staff reporters, columnists and feature writers. is where we feature content from citizens from most parts of the World. It is where we offer a curated opportunity for guest writers to contribute articles on almost any topic that they wish.

Articles are promptly submitted to Google after they are published and most are indexed within an hour.

For writers, guest bloggers and columnists

How to have an article published on

There is no charge to post one content item on

We are selective but fair when we decide which content sent to us will be published.

Send articles with one licensed or creative commons image to us with each article. It is OK to send an article that you create yourself.

Articles are to be submitted in doc file format. No PDF content as formatting is lost when we convert is to our content management system.

Articles are to be at least 420 words and there is no upper limit.

Send content to

We can embed YouTube video.

Some rules.

Naturally, our staff and contract columnists are remunerated however guest post contributors are NOT paid. is OK with one link to a commercial business and up to two reference links say to a relevant page on Wikipedia.

For commercial publishing on News Co websites like sponsored posts, banner advertising, content creation, SEO and the like, get in touch with us and set out your requirements.

For people looking for news, feature articles and information.

NewsCo is dedicated to bringing you news and qualified opinions covering a wide variety of topics.

NewsCo web sites that feature staff content, already have a vast readership and on, readers can find bonus original content from people who often know a lot and are keen to share.
Many of our articles deliver in-depth opinions and analysis on everything from current affairs, travel, health, food and dining, public issues and much more, including home improvement projects.

At highly informative, timely and engaging content is posted everyday. No matter what your interests are, there will be something here to interest you. Check back often.

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Business Marketing

Here at we create special offer campaigns for travel, service and retail businesses.

We create product and service showcases for and on behalf of businesses to firstly generate new business for operators and to create new options for consumers. At Guest Posting we are a low cost marketing extension of your shop, travel, experience or service business - 24/7.

Let us help you to gain or retain customers.

Reach out to us for commercial, sponsored posts and editorial discussions at or call 1300 205 504


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