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All About High Cube Shipping Containers

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One of the most common container types are high cube containers. What are the other facts about high cube containers? When should you choose a high cube container over a standard container? We take a closer look at all the facts and stats of high cube containers here.

First, what is the difference between a standard shipping container and a high cube shipping container? The standard shipping container is usually 20 feet or 40 feet long with a standard height of eight feet. This standardized length and width allows these containers to be safely stacked together and secured so that they are safe during shipping because if they were not safe and secure, they could topple over during the shipping process where seas can be extremely rough. The height of a shipping container does not seem to affect its rigidity and taller high cube containers are sometimes required for shipping.

High cube containers are like 20-foot and 40-foot containers but are taller. These containers are highly sought after because of their extra height. When storage is necessary for over height items, the high cube container is a useful item. They are often used to store equipment including excavators which will not fit into a standard sized shipping container. These containers are the same as standard containers in every other way and are secure and strong with a thick steel body and a double-locking system so that your expensive items can be safely stored without worry about loss or theft.

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Getting to Know the High Cube


Standard sized containers have a height of nine feet, six inches and are aptly named “high cube” containers. They do look like standard sized containers, however, since they are higher, they look more like a cube when you look at them from the front or the back of the container. High cube containers are also called “HC”” HQ”, “Hi-Cube” and “High-Cube” and are constructed from aluminum or steel. These containers are durable and useful for storing many different items and keeping them safe and dry.

High cube containers are often used for shipping larger dry cargo. Most of the items shipping in a high cube container have a maximum height of 2.70 m. A high cube container also has many lashing rings mounted on the corner posts, cross members, bottom cross member and front top end rail. These lashing rings assist with centering the container on a chassis and helping the container to sit lower.


Measurements of High Cube Containers


Standard containers have sizes set by ISO – the International Organization for Standardization. This allows them to be efficiently stacked which ensures that they are secure and not unstable. These containers are like a 40-foot standard container when it comes to length and width but are taller by a foot. This extra height offers an extra 344 cubic feet of storage area inside of the container, but it also means that the container is heavier than standard containers. With their extra height, high-cube containers are too high to be transported over land on trucks because they do not fit under bridges and through tunnels.


What can you fit Inside of a High Cube Container?


High cube containers can carry 610 standard package boxes, 150 bicycles, or 760 medium flower pots, but you can store many kinds of items inside of a high cube container. You can fit 25 European pallet stacks (1.2 m x 0.8 m) or 21 American pallet stacks (1.01 m x 1.21 m) inside of a high cube container.

You can find high cube containers at any place that sells standard shipping containers. These containers are not only useful but can be harder to find since there are not as many of these types of containers as standard shipping containers. Once you do find a high cube shipping container and have it delivered to your location, you will find that it is extremely useful. These containers are designed to store heavy items that are taller than standard items that would normally fit into a standard shipping container.

Tiger Containers carries all different types of shipping containers, and we have found that the high cube container is popular amongst container seekers. They understand the value of a container that has more flexibility when it comes to items being able to be stored inside. Call us today to find out more about high cube containers or to purchase or lease a container that suits your needs.

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