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  • Written by Matt Fraser

Shoalhaven on the South Coast of NSW is bouncing back after the Currowan fire, and as the bush rejuvenates, visitors are being welcomed back to do the same. Take a small break to make a big contribution to affected towns and communities.

For many city folk, the Shoalhaven is home away from home, a place to escape and unwind, where friendly faces greet you on a white sand beach or café staff smile and know your coffee order from last time you stayed over. The south coast is open for business and welcomes you back to a place you can call home, put your feet up and use that annual leave you’ve got up your sleeve.

Acting Tourism Manager, Shoalhaven City Council, Shannan Perry-Hall says: “The best way you can support our community is by booking a trip, so you can rejuvenate in the Shoalhaven. Visit friendly cafes and restaurants, adventure our 100 beaches, and visit cute boutiques and take gifts back home, Your small break can make a big contribution. Most importantly, come with a smile and share beautiful pics with the world and your loved ones.”

The NSW Rural Fire Service has declared that visitors can return to the Shoalhaven and a handy resource provides up to date information for visitors, including a trip builder and other ways to give back as well as booking your trip to the Shoalhaven. Visitors are being welcomed to Rejuvenate in the Shoalhaven in 2020, and #resetyourfeed with beautiful imagery whilst making new memories.

Tourism Operators and locals are calling out for visitors to return to the Shoalhaven regions beloved coastal towns. Rob Crow, Chair of the Shoalhaven Tourism Advisory Group says: “Whilst some towns are rebuilding, most remain unaffected directly by bushfires and need your help. Visitors have the unique opportunity to snap up a booking on the South Coast when normally everything is booked out months in advance.”

“Recovery is a long game and we need our visitors back more than ever. We also know it’s been a tough start to the year for everyone, Sydney and Canberra included, we have all been affected. Mental health is going to be key to a good 2020 for everyone, so we ask visitors if you do need to rejuvenate and have an extra break this year, make it a Shoalhaven road trip, we need your smiles and support!”

Book a trip now and plan your south coast escape, go to for all you need to build your trip.

Shoalhaven City Council Mayor, Amanda Findley says “We need you to help us rejuvenate our economy. Come and see these gorgeous places we still have on offer with sparkling seas and beautiful beaches and we are waiting for you to join us. Bring love and kindness in your heart and help us get back on our feet. Your adventure is right here waiting in the beautiful Shoalhaven.”


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