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  • Written by Brianna Normanby

The process of heat transfer to raise water from its initial temperature is what we know as hot water system. In simple terms, the hot water systems work on the basis of a heat transfer process that creates a continual supply of heated water at a certain temperature.


There are different sources of energy used to heat the water. The most common of those sources are gas, oil, electricity, and solar energy, along with others. Appliances that offer the supply of hot water are known water heaters in addition to some other terms like geysers, boilers, hot water heaters, and more. Today, hot water systems are in great demand for domestic and commercial purposes, such as, cleaning, bathing, cooking, space heating, and more.


There are various kinds of hot water systems that run in the house and commercial sectors. Basic understanding of the work process of hot water systems is necessary.


Here For You A Brief Sum-Up Of Different Systems That You Can Locate One That Meets Your Needs.


  • Electric hot water cylinders: Electric hot water cylinders are domestic hot water systems, which are great for household essential usages that need lesser amounts of hot water. The low-cost heating system can control the consumption of electricity. However, when compared to other options, they are more expensive to run.


  • Gas hot water systems: Gas hot water systems can be located outside and are suitable for houses with smaller spaces. You will know exactly how much you pay for and enjoy an endless supply of hot water. As for the drawbacks, be wary as the running costs can go high, especially when you use LPG bottles. While the burning gas is comparatively clean, those greenhouse gas emissions can add to climate change.


  • Gas hot water cylinder:
    The Gas hot water cylinder is considered good as it does not rely on electricity, and thus, you can have hot water supply even if there is a power cut. On the downside, the running costs are expensive, and those greenhouse gas emissions mean you have a larger carbon footprint.

  • Heat pump water heating: This is another hot water system that is great for domestic usage using moderate amounts of hot water. As the running costs are low, this is an affordable option for domestic areas. As for the negative aspect, the upfront cost can be relatively expensive.


  • Solar water heating:
    If you are looking for a hot water system that is cheaper to run and do not add to global warming, then you may check out the Solar water heating system. This is commonly used in households with the needs of moderate to high supply of hot water. However, the upfront costs to install and set them up can be high.


The above-listed options are just to serve you as a guide on how to go about picking the right hot water system for your needs. As a customer, one has to make a balanced choice so as to pick the right hot water system for their domestic or commercial needs that are cheaper to install and run. While some heating systems are significantly more efficient, they can be very expensive to install.


In some of the densely populated urban areas, it is seen that the relevant authority of the city supplies the district heating of hot water. We can find the practice in cold countries like Finland and Poland, where the energy supply officials take care of not just water heating but space heating too. Combined heat and power from industries, incinerators, and central solar heating are used for heating of water. There is no backup system in the building because of the district heating systems.


Brianna Normanby

House & Garden

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