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  • Written by Sarah Grace Del Rosario

The world today is indeed a competitive one. It is no longer for the faint hearted and more importantly, the one with the weakest of wills will always pay the price. Thousands of businessmen today have thrown out the traditional ways of finding success and have adapted to the most up to date and most efficient programs, procedures and techniques that money can buy and by this, most of them have skyrocketed to the new world order of the business elite. And one of these innovative strategies is called Social Media Marketing.

First what is Social Media Marketing?

Well from the world itself, your main target is to conquer the world of Social Media, your main audience are social media users and you are going to reach out to them through Social Media. What is the fuzz with this social media thing you may ask? Well, since the creation of the concept, it has been the largest, most accessible, most reliable and most marketable place on the internet. With platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, the world of social media has successfully risen to the top when it comes to news, entertainment, gossip, learning, communication etc.

For the normal person, it’s just a platform to connect with friends, but for a naturally born businessman/woman, he/she sees dollar signs everywhere. This is indeed the best place to market your business. Why? Here are three reasons:

  1. Almost everyone in the World uses social media

This is no joke, and probably one of the most obvious reasons, there are a few people left in the world who doesn’t use social media. I am assuring you that 9 out 10 people that you meet just by walking at the street has a twitter, Instagram or facebook account. It’s so out of control that opportunities are everywhere.

  1. Efficient and Fast way of reaching out/Marketing your Product

From blogs to wall advertisements, you can reach even the farthest corner of the world with just a click of the button. According to a study 65% of people who use social media rely on it for product, news and information searches. That’s percentage alone is in the millions, and quite frankly, it will open up more than just a few doors for you.

  1. Connections, Connections, Connections

Social media will give you a wide array and number of connections. There’s a saying that your auntie’s classmate’s daughter’s cousin Fred who is the workmate of Christine’s father in law’s uncle is your friend. Confusing? Heck no! It’s because the people that I mentioned will make connections for you in the flip of a button. It’s so easy making friends in social media, and every friend is a potential customer.


Now How do you do Social Media Marketing?


  1. Create a Powerful Social Media Account

First is that you need to create a strong social media account, regardless of what platform you are going to use, but don’t forget Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they are at the top of the food chain when it comes to social media. Remember to put your information especially where, when and how to find and contact you. Second, prepare your products beautifully and presentable to the naked eye. Make sure that every detail of your product or service is listed, given detail, and have great, attracting pictures. Lastly, put some money on the boost page. This will boost any post or advertisement that you created and will show up more frequently in social media.


  1. Add and Post, Share and Like

Add as many people as you can. You can start off with friends until you reach their mutual friends. This will build a connection with your target audience little by little and will reach the ones you really want to reach out in no time. You should also have a Brand Page that will serve as your official product or brand account so you can represent your business more formally.


  1. Go with Trending Topics

Lastly, it really pays off when you go with the hottest topics in the world today. You can actually write posts about them in order to guide people into visiting your page. Whether or not its related to what you have to offer, having a post or two about it will start the flow of audience towards you. Don’t forget to use Hashtags!


About the Author:

Sarah Grace Del Rosario is an seo and business blogger from Spark Factory, a Virginia SEO Company. When not working online, she does arts and painting. She also manages an event styling business in the Philippines.

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