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Having a pool at home is a great experience because you can jump into it any time of the day. You can invite friends over to have a barbeque party or pool party. But, to ensure that every person who will go will enjoy their pool experience, you need to make the same squeaky clean.

Here are 7 steps to a sparkling clean pool:

Skim the Debris

It will be impossible to avoid floating debris in your pool because of the leaves falling or insects caught in the water. As a remedy, you can go buy yourself a skimmer from the hardware store. This will help you scoop out the junk floating in your pool.

Clean the Pool Deck

You don’t want people slipping because of the greasy pool deck, right? You need to also check the surrounding of the pool itself to prevent accidents. There are a lot of cleaning agents that you use available in the market or you can use DIY ones like lemon and vinegar, etc.

Pump Water Twice a Day

This is a very crucial step to a sparkling clean pool because this will ensure that the same will be ready for quick swims. When you have pumped and filtered pool water, it is going to be more inviting for you and your guests to jump and enjoy the day.

Scrub the Pool Walls

When you have the right tools, you can scrub the pool walls underwater. However, if your pool is only small and you have the time, you can manually scrub them using cleaning detergents and chemicals. If you have the budget, you can hire professionals to do this for you.

Vacuum the Floor

One of the best ways to make your pool clean and inviting is to vacuum the pool floor. You can purchase a vacuum pool cleaner or an automatic swimming pool cleaner to do the work for you. The latter might be pricey but it works wonders. You just need to plug it and you can relax.

Balance the pH level of the Pool

Another important step that must not be disregarded is to balance the pH level of the swimming pool. Sometimes, because of the air and the various kinds of liquids and oils getting spilled in the pool, its pH level gets out of balance. There are chemicals or chlorine tablets you can use to stabilize the pool water.

Change the Water Thrice a Year

Last but not least, make sure to change the water of your swimming pool at least thrice a year. Draining every ounce of water is not recommended but what you can do is to remove just enough. This will enable you to clean the floor and walls easily.

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