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In the ever changing industry of SEO, you need to continually develop your skill set and be ready to adapt with the times. One simple algorithm update can change everything so you need to remain up-to-date with the status quo as well as keeping one eye out for the changes the not so far future will inevitably bring. Given this, many SEO companies will have different approaches when selecting candidates. Some may want applicants to provide a wealth of experience within the industry whereas others will be looking out for more pragmatic, problem-solving types. Certain SEO companies will have less interest in the knowledge of tools and strategies which have since become obsolete, but others will value it highly. I can tell you from personal experience that an SEO company like Content SME Sydney has very different selection criteria to that of its competitors in spite of working in the same industry. That said, there are a few standout considerations which, if well demonstrated, can help you to land that position you are looking for.

Diversity of Experience

Having many years experience within the field of SEO will always be of some benefit but ask yourself how you are presenting this. You should aim to provide evidence of how diverse your experience is. In doing so you will present yourself as a much more interesting candidate. Your ability to work under different circumstances, using new software and strategies etc. should be highlighted as much as possible. Be prepared to discuss both successes and failures, the largest as well as the simplest jobs, how you achieved different results through different approaches and how you have been able to resolve problems. The more variety of experience you are able to provide will vastly increase your potential employability so make sure to highlight this and bring evidence to back up your claims.

Stay Ahead of The Curve

As stated earlier, having years of experience is of no use to an SEO company if you have failed to keep up with the times. As the industry evolves so must you and an inability to portray this will severely hinder your chances. It goes without saying that you need to be able to talk about how you have reacted to software updates or new techniques and strategies to drive results. Just because you were working for a leading SEO agency 5 years ago may not be of any benefit if your skills or knowledge have become outdated. Be ready to answer questions such as how the Google Panda update changed the playing field and how you reacted to it. Can you speak about Penguin or RankBrain? Even if you have not had so much direct experience with it you should be doing the research so that you can answer any questions about recent changes in the world of SEO.

Know Your Toolbox

Closely linked to the above, anyone working in SEO must be able to list and describe the functions of the tools at your disposal. If you are questioned about Google Analytics or Majestic make sure you can describe what they are used for and any limitations they might have. Research any software you may not have used before. An SEO company will not necessarily demand that you have been using all these tools but showing that you are familiar with them is crucial. Just because a previous employer was not making use of some tools will not excuse ignorance of them at the interview stage. Again, if necessary, put in the legwork and research those tools you are less accustomed to in order to speak about them constructively with an interviewer.

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