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  • Written by Ajay Dalal

The big debate between Search engine marketing professionals and social media professionals is still active, for who dominates in the search engine page positions. The reality is neither of them competes with each other, but SEO services including social networking go hand in hand with each other and are closely associated with each other.

The objective of both of them is the same, and that is traffic generation on a client's website. The website, which has, integration of both these services will rank high on the top pages and have a powerful website marketing method. When both of them go together, they produce an indispensable combination, which is a sure shot way to success of an online business.

Social networking websites brings a marketing campaign at a big scale, creating a global scope for a brand or service to launch and preferred in desired networks and their related networks. Twitter, Face book, YouTube is the known social networking sites, where various brands and corporations are promoting their website content continuously. In fact, the backlinks generated from the website to their network called as re-tweets will further improve their website rankings.

In fact, this approach will also improve the Yahoo and Google traffic to view these websites, which have back links from the social networking. On social networks, the number of "likes" to a company or brand will contributes in number of times your posts being viewed. This is a contribution towards page rankings and not just simply "like". Many companies also combine offers with these "likes", and it creates an interest to hare in the social circle of an individual and their friends.

Social networking with SEO services is the fastest integration method to share and pull the search engine results towards your website. Thus, your SERP is also improved by social networking. Many companies especially create a public profile for social networks, thus encouraging website traffic and visitors for your web site.

SEO is all about pulling web traffic to your internet site, and social networks are about creating some sort of buzz regarding your company with audience known to you, and their social networks. This way, SEO and the social network pages will produce a continuous stream of potential and targeted visitors.

Increasing social networks also means a more substantial brand reputation. With a nicely executed Website positioning campaign, you'll be able to be positioned number one on the web with preferred internal WebPages from your website. This will certainly improve your companies SERP's.

The particular influence involving social media keeps growing, as confirmed by the number of social back links showing up while being placed in the Google webpage rankings. This entire strategy do makes sense, combining SEO advertisements with advertising and marketing management putting in effective strategy of Affiliate marketing tools.
You can also find a new method at Google to know the SERP's of your website. With Social networking and SEO services you will be able to find your company presence in the social network, thus increasing the number of visitors and potential clients.

Ajay Dalal is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blog Technology and sales pages. He often writes for Dricki and Digital Junkies and explores new technologies to share his knowledge through writing.  


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