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Swimming is one of the most popular recreational activities worldwide. This is a very wholesome and fun pastime with excellent benefits. Swimming also helps in reducing stress and boosting overall well-being. Having a swimming pool in the backyard is proven a convenient and exciting way of enjoying the cool water and spending quality time with family and friends.

However, installing a pool is somehow an expensive home improvement project. That being said, you may be wondering, does a pool really add value to a home? The answer will depend on several factors. For instance, an in-ground pool might increase the value of your home, but above-grounds swimming pools may not.

Quality and the Pool Itself Matters

Quality and the pool itself matter when defining a pool’s value. If the pool itself is properly maintained, it adds value to a home. But if the pool has not been cleaned for many years, it doesn’t add any value to your home.

You can increase the value of your home by installing a pool and maintaining it well, including the surrounding area. Some experts say that an unkept and dirty pool is more likely a liability, while a spa-like and spotless swimming pool is an asset that genuinely impresses guests. Moreover, the quality of the pool matters, which means that pools with unique and advanced features like a water fountain, waterfalls, and more are likely to add value to your home.

A Pool Also Adds a Resale Value to a Home

The pandemic continues, so many are seeking a swimming pool. Experts revealed that a well-maintained pool boosts a home’s resale value. Homes with backyard pools usually cost higher than homes without one. If you are planning to sell your house in the future, having a pool will boost its resale value and make it a target for many homebuyers. A pool also makes a home a one-stop place for summer entertainment and leisure activities. This is an advantage, especially during the pandemic where most people prefer staying at home.

Building a pool and purchasing a home must be taken seriously. One must think carefully about how and when he intends to use the pool. It would be best to explore things and weigh options to determine your means and resources to maintain its good condition. Lastly, think about how you will need to prepare and market your property and swimming pool when it’s finally time to sell.

A clean and well-maintained pool can add value to your home, so you might as well invest in necessary tools and equipment such as a swimming pool cleaner. This cleaner can quickly suck up debris and dirt and even scrub the walls and floor, leaving your water clear and your pool clean.


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