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  • Written by Diana Smith

Keeping hygiene on a satisfactory level is important for both the appearance of your home and the health of its inhabitants. Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, which is why people turn to most potent cleaners, some of which can be quite harmful. Certainly, these chemicals get the job done, but at what price. One funny remark compares this to trying to kill a fly on the wall with a bazooka. Sure, you get the fly, but during this process, you demolish your entire home. In order not to allow this to happen, here are several tips that will help you deal with indoor toxins while cleaning.


Increase the Airflow


First thing first, the airflow in your home must be strong if you are to deal with these toxins. During the colder part of the year, this might be a bit inconvenient from the energetic standpoint, but it is a vital step nevertheless. Open your windows as often as you can (or as often as the occurrences allow it). Unfortunately, people living in apartments won’t have a window in every room (or at least a window large enough), so they need to find another way to let the air in. This is of utmost importance in the kitchen, for reasons other than cleaning.


Changing the Team


When you decide to go full green in your choice of cleaning products, you cannot just discard all those chemicals like they were any other thrash. You should be extra careful and treat them like a toxic waste as they are. Under this category, we list things that are poisonous or toxic, catch fire easily, cause dangerous reactions when mixed with other chemicals or have properties which corrode other materials. A good thing about them is that almost all of them, have an instruction on how to be disposed. Usually, they can be either submitted to hazardous waste business collection locations or you can contact hazardous waste pickup to get them off your hands.


Home-Made Cleaners


The reason why people often turn to these chemicals is not because they are more potent than green cleaners, but because they are better advertised. Almost every person out there has in their household at least several items that can serve as an excellent natural cleaner (or used to make one). Baking soda for instance, has cleaning, deodorizing and softening properties, while ordinary soap can clean just about anything. Still, even here you should thread lightly since soaps containing petroleum distillates are not as safe as they should be. There are dozens more home-made reliable cleaners you can always turn to like lemon, white vinegar and, of course, isopropyl alcohol.


Using Green Products


Finally, in order to clean your home in a completely toxin-free manner, you are not required to own a little lab in your basement. Sure, you can buy commercial cleaners, but make sure that they are eco-friendly. Now, when you decide to go green, you look for brands that are labeled green, since, in most cases, they will restrain from using dangerous mixtures in their products.


Where there is a will, there is always a way, and in order to make your home both safe and free, all you need to do is research a bit. Sure, sometimes it is more effort to look for the right product or mix up your own, but keeping yourself and your family safe was never supposed to be easy. Make no mistake about it, the way you clean your home is directly connected to the well-being of its every inhabitant. Choose wisely! Sometimes, the task is just too great. After family and friends get together call in party cleaners professionals to return your home to normal.


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